You can relax safe in the knowledge that as a well-respected wedding caterer with over 50 years’ experience, we can cater superbly for any of your guests who may have special dietary requirements.

Please ensure that you ask your guests to advise you of any special dietary needs they may have when they reply to your wedding invitation. It’s really helpful if you let us know as soon as possible, so that we can recommend some suitable dishes for them.

A little closer to your wedding date it’s incredibly helpful if you can produce a copy of your seating plan which shows where any guests with special dietary requirements are sat.  That way we can ensure that their special dish is served straight to them.

We can offer:

Children’s Wedding Menus
We have a variety of children’s wedding menus available for guests aged between 2 and 10. Please visit our Children’s Wedding Menus page for more details.

Vegetarian Dishes
These dishes contain no meat, meat products, fish or fowl, but may contain dairy products as well as eggs. Any cheeses contained within these dishes are vegetarian based.

Gluten Free Dishes
These contain no foods with barley, wheat, rye or oats. Milk and milk products are avoided where possible.

Vegan Dishes
These dishes contain no meat, meat products, fish, fowl, eggs or dairy products.

Muslim Dishes
These dishes contain no pork or alcohol or derivatives of these products.

Hindu Dishes
These contain no pork, beef or veal or any products containing these meats. Suitable dishes tend to be non-vegetarian and are likely to be spicy.

Nut Free Dishes
We are able to cater for guests with a nut allergy. Please do not hesitate to discuss any other allergies you or your guests may have to any other food items so that we can offer some suitable dishes for your consideration.