If you’re looking to make your wedding breakfast memorable; something that your guests will talk about for months after the wedding, then consider introducing an unexpected course.

In music, the Intermezzo is a short instrumental movement played in-between two larger pieces; in food the Intermezzo can be either; a small portion of refreshing, palate cleansing sorbet, or an intriguing ‘shot’ of hot soup; served in-between the starter and the main course.

Stunning Sorbets

Whenever one of our couples opts to serve a sorbet course it never fails to delight guests; what could be nicer at a summer wedding breakfast than our deliciously frizzante Champagne and Strawberry Intermezzo.

Sublime Soup Shot

If your wedding is planned for a cooler month, then why not set your guests’ taste buds alight with our smooth tomato soup, served in a shot glass with a swirl of pesto, it looks fantastic and packs a real flavour punch!

Don’t forget to experiment with adding in an Intermezzo course using our online Menu Selector tool, you’ll be amazed at how little impact it has on your ‘price per head’ in contrast to the impact it will have on your guests’ dining experience.