Wedding Food Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Put a Smile on Their Faces

For a wedding guest, there is always a sense of trepidation as you move towards the Table Plan to discover where you’re sat for the wedding breakfast and who with.

The wedding breakfast is a big chunk of the wedding day and if guests enjoy not only the food but the company too, you’re on to a winner.

But how to accomplish that…it’s almost impossible to seat guests solely with people they already know and get along with. There are invariably two sets of family, two sets of friends and sometimes two sets of work colleagues.

Mix Things Up A Bit

Also, it can be much more fun to mix it up a bit and sit guests with people you’re sure they’ll love even though they’ve never met. If you’re going to mix guests up a bit make sure you come up with some wedding food ideas your guests will love.

Wedding Food Ideas Host-a-Roast-Jenkinsons-Kate-Scot


Sharing Starters

Thoughtful wedding food ideas will get guests talking and help them break the ice at the dinner table. Sharing Starters are great for this; platters of divine delicacies that are shared around the table and immediately get guests talking as various dishes and tasty morsels are passed around.

Jenkinsons do a range of Sharing Starters including a truly magnificent Italian Antipasti Collection and a modern take on the Traditional Ploughman’s. Don’t forget to ask us about them when thinking about wedding food ideas for your big day.


The Main Event

When it comes to the main course, why not make it the main event by introducing some fun and laughter with a Host a Roast from Jenkinsons. A succulent roast of your favourite joint is presented whole to each dining table where your nominated carver is invited to carve the joint for their fellow guests.

Wedding Food Ideas Host-a-Roast-Jenkinsons-Kate-Scot


The Element of Surprise

This works particularly well if it’s a surprise! The addition of some comedy aprons also goes down a treat. Make sure the wedding venue knows your plans and they’ll advise you of the best way to hide the aprons until the appropriate moment, they’ll also supply the microphone so that as the starters are being cleared away the Groom or your Master of Ceremonies can reveal your plans and instruct the carvers to don their aprons.

Wedding Food Ideas Host-a-Roast-Jenkinsons-Kate-Scot


Host a Roast

The Host a Roast always goes down a treat, guests love it…they love the food, they love to heckle the carvers for more meat and they’ll love having a laugh over dinner.

Wedding Food Ideas Host-a-Roast-Jenkinsons-Kate-Scot

We look forward to sharing more of our wedding food ideas your guests will love at your Personal Consultation with us.

Wedding Food Ideas Host-a-Roast-Jenkinsons-Kate-Scot


Our thanks to Kate Scott Wedding Photography for the amazing pictures, if you’d like to see more images click here.