Wedding Food Ideas 2015

Here at Jenkinsons we’re constantly challenging our team of talented chefs to come up with new and exciting wedding food ideas.

We research the latest trends in wedding catering and regularly meet with our key suppliers to find out which new ingredients are set to become the next big thing!

In fashion ideas filter down from the grand couture houses; it’s much the same for wedding food, ideas filter down from the top restaurants and become accessible to us mere mortals!

Micro Leaves for example, soon became popular in wedding food after making their debut at the top London restaurants. They’re tiny vegetable seedlings picked at around 21 days. The intense and varied flavour of these vibrant green leaves combined with their attractiveness, makes them an elegant alternative to standard salad leaves.

Interactive Menu Selector – Packed with Wedding Food Ideas

We’re getting ready to launch our new interactive Menu Selector, designed to be a source of inspiration for our Brides and Grooms.

The Menu Selector allows you the freedom to browse through our current range of enticing and delicious dishes; you can experiment with different combinations of dishes and courses, reviewing the total price per head for every new combination you create.

We appreciate that you might like to tweak the dishes you’ve found using the Menu Selector; you may prefer to design a completely bespoke menu and that’s fine too but we hope you’ll get loads of fantastic wedding food ideas by using this amazing new tool.


In the meantime, here are a couple of wedding food ideas for 2015 to consider.

Relaxed Wedding Food Ideas 2015

Relaxed wedding food which showcases high-quality, simple ingredients, is definitely a bit hit with our couples getting married in 2015. So much so, we’ve already written an article all about it!

Click to discover some recent Relaxed Wedding Food Ideas.


Exquisite Wedding Food Ideas 2015

Some of our couples have a definite eye for detail which extends to every aspect of their wedding including the wedding food.

We’ve launched a new range of canapés for 2015 featuring rich and decadent flavour combinations and these are proving to be very popular with couples looking to wow their guests with something a little different.

Likewise, our Strawberry and Champagne Sorbet Intermezzo is set to delight wedding guests this summer. A delicate and ever so slightly effervescent champagne sorbet, served in a shot glass with fresh strawberries between the start and main course. Guests love it!

Jenkinsons Starter

Our website is packed with wedding food ideas and we’ll let you know as soon as the new menu Selector is available. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Wedding Co-ordinators to discuss and wedding food ideas you might have.