Bacon Rolls

Tantalizing and tasty, our traditional evening buffet options always go down a treat with wedding guests.  The appeal of a soft white roll filled with smoky, dry-cured bacon should never be underestimated!

Hot Roast Pork or Beef Baps
Our Hot Roast Baps always cause a stir; whether you’ve opted for a prime joint of Pork served with apple sauce and crisp, crunchy, crackling or a prime joint of incredible Beef, served with Horseradish Sauce, your guests will watch with eager anticipation as our chef expertly carves the meat and serves generous portions into their awaiting soft, fresh baps.

Staffordshire Oatcakes
A regional delicacy, Staffordshire Oatcakes remains a popular choice for our native Staffordshire Brides and Grooms. They are savoury pancakes made with white flour, oatmeal, yeast and invariably some secret ingredients, which are served warm, filled with bacon and cheese they really do hit the spot after a few turns on the dance floor.

Cheese & Biscuits
There are over 700 cheeses produced in the UK, our chef’s selection includes a young crumbly Wensleydale which has a milky freshness and hint of lemon; a soft textured Shropshire Blue, smooth and mellow with a glorious orange hue and a sharp dry Lancashire which when eaten with a piece of your wedding fruitcake is simply sublime.

Served with classic accompaniments including a variety of chutneys, crisp palate cleansing celery and a no-nonsense selection of biscuits selected to be the perfect delivery vehicle for the show-stoppingly good cheese; this is a fitting finale for your wedding feast.

Cheese Tower
Whole rounds of cheese stacked in a tower have become a popular alternative to the traditional three tiered wedding cake. We work with some fabulous suppliers to create a bespoke cheese tower to suit your individual needs. We can decorate your cheese tower with fruits or fresh herbs and provide all the accompaniments from rustic crunchy breads to enticing chutneys and pickles.