A hot fork buffet is the hottest trend in sensational party food for your evening wedding reception. You’ll never think of the word “buffet” in the same way again.

This stylish and sophisticated alternative to the traditional spread is essentially a complete, perfectly conceived dish, served in a palm-sized, white porcelain bowl.  A Hot Fork Buffet from The Supper Club has a number of advantages over the more traditional wedding evening buffet options:

Your Guests will Love It!
Your guests will love these delightful bowls of culinary temptation. They’ll enjoy experiencing something a bit different and love the chic presentation of our pre-plated dishes, which can be laid out on a buffet table for guests to help themselves or served direct to mingling guests on trays.

Plenty of Options
There are plenty of options to choose from, all guaranteed to put your guests’ saliva glands into overdrive!  From classic sweet and savoury dishes, spicy Indian curries, fabulous Thai dishes, hearty stews with dumplings, aromatic Oriental mini meals, light summer salads or sumptuous sweet bowls; there is sure to be a winning combination available that’s right for you.

It Keeps the Party Going
If your evening wedding food is served to your guests on a plate, then the first thing they do is look for a seat at a table where they can put the plate down before tucking into their food.  This basically means that guests stop mingling, chatting and moving around; your party atmosphere slows.  The beauty of the mini meals is that your guests can still walk around with the bowl in one hand, their fork in another, mingling, chatting and enjoying a sensational culinary treat.

There is no Queue
Because we prepare the complete dish in the kitchens and present the mini meal in its bowl, there is no endless queue of wedding guests, all politely lined up waiting to be served the evening buffet.