We have the expertise, equipment and staff to ensure that the bar at your wedding is well-stocked and smoothly run.  Our involvement in your wedding bar depends upon your choice of wedding venue.

Stocking and Staffing your Venue’s Own Bar
If you’ve booked one of our wedding venue partners then most likely we will be in charge of stocking and staffing their bar on your wedding day.  We work hard to keep our bar prices very reasonable and in line with the local pubs and we regularly review our pricing to ensure that your guests talk about the fantastic time they had at your wedding and not the extortionate bar prices!

Featuring draft ales, premium lager and Guinness on tap at most of our venues, the beer drinkers are well catered for whilst a selection of wines by the glass or bottle and a comprehensive choice of spirits, ensures that most tastes are well catered for.

Creating your Wedding Bar
If you’ve opted for a Marquee Wedding then we can literally build you a bar in the marquee, stock it and provide experienced bartenders to serve your guests quickly and efficiently.

Jenkinsons Caterers support Drinkaware, a charity which promotes responsible drinking and is committed to helping to reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm. We want your wedding to be an enjoyable day for all and we reserve the right not to stock certain alcoholic drinks behind our wedding bars which are commonly associated with excessive consumption and misuse.