Wedding Cocktails

Did you know that we’re more than happy to serve up some sensationally fruity wedding cocktails for your drinks reception?

Exclusively available for couples getting married at either The Ashes Barn Wedding Venue in Endon or Pendrell Hall Country House Wedding Venue in Codsall Wood, this brand new, stunning range of vibrant and exciting cocktails is sure to get your wedding reception off to a rousing start.

Order through The Cellar

This new range of fabulous wedding cocktails is exclusively available to couples who choose to order their drinks through The Cellar or Design Their Own Drinks Package directly with the wedding venue.

As the exclusive wedding caterers for The Ashes and Pendrell Hall we are then advised of your drinks order so that we can supply the appropriate glassware, fruit if applicable, ice, serving staff and bartenders for your wedding, all at no extra charge.

We’ll arrive well before your guests to set up the drinks serving station, mix jugs of your chosen cocktail and ready the waiters and waitresses who will circulate trays of drinks throughout your drinks reception.

Thirsty Guests

It’s important to appreciate that as you are making your way down the aisle at the end of your civil ceremony to the uproarious applause of your invited guests, their thoughts are rapidly turning towards where they can find a celebratory drink.

It’s understandable; many guests will arrive around 30 minutes prior to your ceremony and enjoy the opportunity to chat with fellow guests as the anticipation builds towards the bride’s grand entrance; the ceremony is then another 30 minutes of emotional splendour, after which, most people are ready for a drink!

That’s where we come in, our experienced staff will have everything ready and a number of drinks pre-poured so that we can distribute the first wave of wedding cocktails quickly to your thirsty guests.

Don’t Forget the Drivers!

When selecting your wedding reception drinks, spare a thought for the drivers and the non-drinkers attending your wedding. If you’d like them to experience a taste of the wedding cocktail experience why not order one of the delicious Virgin Cocktails available?

Personal Touches

If you’re choosing wedding cocktails as your reception drinks chances are that you have a pretty fun theme planned for your big day. If you fancy personalising your wedding cocktails with cute and quirky straws that’s no problem, just deliver them to the wedding venue prior to your wedding day with instructions to get them to us in the kitchens.

We hope you enjoy perusing the selection of wedding cocktails available to couples with access to ‘The Cellar’ and the ‘Design your Own Drinks Package’ services available from The Ashes and Pendrell Hall.

Wedding Cocktails with a Kick

Mai Tai
A rum cocktail offering a sour-fruity taste experience with dry orange Curacao, almond and lemon.

A tasty combination of rum, mint, lime and sugar makes this drink unforgettable.

Pina Colada
Rum, pineapple and coconut makes this a fruity-sweet cocktail that whisks you off to the Caribbean.

Sex on the Beach
Vodka, peach, orange and maracuja makes this a fruity temptation.

Swimming Pool
A modern variation on the Pina Colada, its striking turquoise blue colour comes from the addition of blue curacao. Vodka, rum, orange and pineapple with a mellow coconut-curacao aroma.

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila, grenadine, orange and lemon; stunning to look at and sublime to drink.

The mixture of high-quality Cachaça, exceptional lime juice and the finest white cane sugar is perfectly balanced; a refreshing summer cocktail.

Havanna Special
The tangy combination of rum, peach, grenadine, lemon, orange and marcuja is just the right way to get to know Cuba’s most delicious side.

Long Island Iced Tea
A new interpretation of this classic cocktail; mixed with gin, rum, tequila, vodka, orange liqueur and tea extract.


“Alcohol… because no great story ever began with a salad.”