The Perfect PIMM’S

Nothing says summer quite like a chilled glass of PIMM’S, it’s deservedly one of the most popular choices for your drinks reception. When working with couples who have booked one of our no-corkage wedding venues, we often get asked how much you need to supply; we’re all familiar with mixing a jug of it at home on impulse but working out the quantities required to serve 80 wedding guests is a completely different matter!

The Perfect Quantity

We recommend allowing 3 glasses of PIMM’S per lady during your drinks reception and 3 bottles of beer each for the gentlemen (if on the day a couple of guys prefer to drink the PIMM’S it’s no big deal, our waiting on staff certainly won’t tell them they’re not allowed!)

So if you’ve got 80 wedding guests you’ll need 120 glasses of PIMM’S for the ladies and 120 bottles of beer for the gentlemen.

We’ve followed the official recipe for the perfect PIMM’S Original from their website and applied it to make 120 glasses of perfect PIMM’S

80 Wedding Guests – 120 Glasses of PIMM’S:

You Supply:
6 x 1L Bottles of PIMM’S No.1 (1 Part)
18 x 1L Bottles of Lemonade (3 Parts)

Jenkinsons Supply (at no extra charge):
Highball Glasses
Fresh Mint, Orange, Strawberries
Cucumber to garnish
Smiling Waiters!

You can check out the cute PIMM’S bartender making one jug of Pimms in this video: