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Best in Class

Jenkinsons Caterers Staffordshire specialise in wedding catering, we work exclusively with some of the best wedding venues in and around Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. We never take those relationships for granted and work closely with all our venue partners to continually improve our services and we constantly update our menus to reflect the ever changing fashions in food, the seasonality of ingredients and the chef’s evolving passions.


Here at Jenkinsons Caterers Staffordshire we understand that your Wedding Breakfast is very special, it is a rare occasion in today’s busy world when you have everyone you love and care about enjoying a meal together and we understand that you want it to be ‘just right’.

Quiz Time

When trying to choose your wedding breakfast menu it’s always worth asking each other a few key questions, maybe over a glass or two of wine, at home before you meet with us to discuss your individual requirements.  Reflect for a while on what you like to eat and what you want from the day and go from there.  Here are a few questions to get you started (the wine helps, trust me!):

What are your favourite foods?

I know this is a pretty obvious one, but it’s a good place to start.


Do you want your wedding breakfast to reflect your theme?

If you’re working a wedding theme such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘The Great Gatsby’ then have a chat about whether you’d like your wedding breakfast to complement and add to the theme.


Do you want your wedding breakfast to be memorable?

Even a little touch, like adding an unexpected course such as an Amuse Bouche to tantalise people’s taste buds as they first sit down before the starter, can really make your wedding breakfast meal stand out.

Try not to get bogged down worrying about what each individual guest likes to eat.  Of course you want them to enjoy the meal but my mum is a Yorkshire lass and they have a great saying to keep in mind ‘you’ll never please alt folk alt time’ so make sure you please yourselves a little, it is your wedding day!

My final suggestion is to remind you that we eat with all our senses, think about how visually appetising your dishes are, their aroma and texture and try to ensure that all courses, from canapés through to dessert, complement one another.

All the team here at Jenkinsons Caterers Staffordshire will work with you to ensure that whatever you choose for your wedding breakfast it is perfect for you.



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