Host a Roast Wedding

One of the best ways to help stimulate conversation between your wedding guests is with a Host a Roast wedding breakfast.

This is essentially a beautifully cooked Traditional Roast Dinner complete with Yorkshire Puddings, Roast Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables and Gravy but instead of the chefs carving the meat in the kitchens, the whole roast joint is brought to the table and ceremonially placed in front of a nominated ‘carver’.

In our experience the best way to do this is without giving the guests any warning. The Bride and Groom will secretly nominate one carver per table who is then ceremoniously presented with a whole roast to carve for the table.

Host a Roast Wedding at The Ashes

Food Theatre

Although we’ll happily provide Chef’s Hats and Aprons for the carvers at your Host a Roast wedding breakfast, the best results are always when the happy couple have provided their own aprons which are inevitably incredibly cheeky and comical or beautifully personalised with the wedding date.

Wrap your aprons up and the Event Manager at your chosen venue will be more than happy to ‘hide’ it under the carver’s chair.

Then as starters are being cleared away the Groom will normally tap his wine glass with a fork to get everyone’s attention and announce that in order to properly prepare for the main course guests should check underneath their chairs for a surprise package. The Groom will normally explain that those lucky enough to have found a package should pop the contents on immediately!


I can assure all, this little bit of food theatre preceding the main course is a fabulous ice breaker on the tables. It really gets everyone involved, laughing and communicating, especially when they see the aprons!

Then of course the Roasts come out, normally to uproarious applause by this time and the banter continues throughout the carving with clamours for ‘more’ meat and plenty of laughter.

Pick carvers who’ll love the attention, sit back and enjoy watching all your guests come alive with laughter and engage in your Host a Roast wedding breakfast, it really does work incredibly well.

Host a Roast Wedding - Jenkinsons

Huge thanks to the fabulous One Little Daisy for the images taken at The Ashes