A wedding breakfast is traditionally three courses, with your wedding breakfast starters being served first. When thinking about what starter you’d like to serve your guests, give some thought to your menu as a whole; your guests will appreciate a starter which complements the main course. We’d advise avoiding any repetition of ingredients, so if you’re thinking of having Roast Gressingham Duck Breast for main course don’t choose Smoked Duck Breast for starter.

It’s always a good idea to consider the season, our palates change with the weather, a crisp and refreshing salad starter of chicory, mango and honeyed cashew nuts is divine on a warm day when something cool and light is just perfect, but not so appealing on a cold winter’s day, when a warming bowl of silky smooth fragrant soup will go down a treat.

A great wedding breakfast starter should satiate your guests’ immediate hunger but not overfill them; you want them to enjoy the main course. You’ll find a large selection of starters to choose from within the online Menu Selector, you can browse by Collection to help you narrow down your favourites

Some of the fabulous wedding breakfast starters we’ve served recently are listed below by Collection.  More information on how our Collections can help you design your perfect wedding breakfast menu can be found within the Our Wedding Service section of this website.

From our Classic Collection:
Twice Baked Cheddar & Mushroom Soufflé (v)

Leek and Potato Soup with Crisped Pancetta Topping

From our Irresistible Collection:
Warm Salmon and Watercress Tart with Dill and Mustard Mayonnaise

Goat’s Cheese & Rocket Salad with Sweet Balsamic Dressing (v)

From our Gusto! Collection:
Lime Scented Sea Trout on a Piquillo Pepper Salsa with Wasabi Crème Fraîche

Maize Fed Chicken and Chorizo Terrine with Toasted Rosemary Foccacia and Young Herbs