A wedding is a celebration; a whole day spent extolling of the virtues of love, life and happiness. What better excuse is there, to indulge in a little extravagant dining?

Petit Fours are traditionally small French fancy biscuits or cakes served with tea and coffee at the end of a meal. Strictly speaking they are oven-baked little cakes (‘four’ is French for oven) and were classically made with choux pastry or flan pastry. However, these days Petit Fours are more likely to include wide variety of sweet delicacies featuring meringue, marzipan and of course chocolate!

Popular choices for Petit Fours at a wedding breakfast include:

A Selection of Biscotti

Handmade Chocolates

Sweetheart’s Battenburg


If you envisage your guests enjoying a long, languid wedding breakfast, enjoyed over the course of an afternoon, then consider treating those guests to a little something special with the tea and coffee. It is a rare soul who does not enjoy a sweet fancy at the end of a beautiful meal.