Discussing ideas for your wedding breakfast and deciding on your menu is one of the most pleasurable tasks on your Wedding To-Do List.  It’s a fabulous excuse to dine out for ‘research’ purposes; you can throw your own ‘tasting’ dinner parties with friends or maybe invite yourself round to your mum’s for Sunday Lunch to discuss family favourites.

It is likely that sharing a meal together played a significant role in your courtship, maybe you met at a dinner party and remember the dishes served with fondness; or fell in love over a plate of pasta during a trip to Italy; perhaps your fiancé is obsessive about crème brûlée; you can draw wedding breakfast ideas from your childhood, your passions and your shared history. Sometimes it’s as simple as thinking about the food you love, how certain flavours and aromas make your taste buds sing.

At Jenkinsons Wedding Caterers we offer you the flexibility to design your perfect wedding breakfast and to help you decide what’s right for you; our top chefs have created three exclusive Collections showcasing a variety of superb dishes to suit different budgets and tastes.

As the name suggests, this Collection features some all-time classics as well as some new and innovative interpretations of enduring favourites. If you love traditional English cuisine, robust and hearty ‘pub’ food or fancy serving your guests something fresh and original that won’t blow your budget, then the dishes featured here are a great place to start.

If you’d like to delight your guests with an imaginative menu featuring dishes with real flair, then take the time to discover our Irresistible Collection; a selection of elegant, vibrant and utterly sublime dishes designed to be truly irresistible.

If you are passionate about food; if you’re the sort of person who, when asked if you had a good holiday, start recounting all the fabulous meals you enjoyed; then our Gusto! Collection is for you. Exceptional dishes conceived and cooked with love, featuring distinctive flavours, seductive combinations and the very finest ingredients.

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