Lee Brzozowski - Operations Manager

Lee joined Jenkinsons 2 years ago after completing a degree in Business and Marketing. Starting as a catering manager, Lee soon worked his way up to Operations Management. Lee is fairly new to this role and already describes it as a jigsaw puzzle! His role involves making sure everything is put together and organised ready for an event, then after the event reversing everything and putting it back ready for the next job.

Antony Cartwright - Operations

Antony has been with the company for 8 and half years. Working within the Operations team, Antony is the depot and transport assistant.

Bob Merrick - Operations

Bob is one of the longest standing members at Jenkinsons and has been at the company for around 28 years. Bob has had various roles throughout the company, starting as a barman he has worked his way through the company and is now a food store manager.

Ruth Swift - Operations Preps Manager

Ruth started working for Jenkinsons 12 years ago, since starting here at Jenkinsons Ruth has been involved in many different areas within the business. Starting out as a waitress Ruth has worked her way up to Operations Preps Manager. Although Ruth’s main management role is within operations, she also takes on the role as a Functions Manager for some events.